Nova Cleaning Covid-19 Preventative Measures

The World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention (CDC) have provided measures that we will be following closely to ensure the safety of our clients, staff and our families. We will be using disinfectants throughout the home. All our employees are to wear new gloves per home and shoe covers when entering our client's home. We are adding cleaning kits for all our teams for recurring use. As well as providing sanitizing wipes to use on equipment. Vacuums and mop handles will be sanitized and wiped down after every cleaning. We have and will continue to bring clean machine washed and sanitized towels and rags to each home. Our rags are color coded to prevent any cross-contamination. At the end of each day, towels and rags are sanitized and machine washed. We have and will continue to only bring clean and disinfected tools into homes. Due to the sanitation process of cleaning ceiling fan dusters. we will not be dusting unreachable surfaces for the time being. As we are not able to clean these between homes. However. we will continue to dust reachable surfaces. We are also limiting our teams to 2 to 3 persons per home. This will help implement social distancing protocols.

Our staff has been actively informed of CDC and WHO protocols. All of our employees are to wash their hands at every opportunity they can and use hand sanitizer throughout the day. In addition. if our staff is not feeling well or have signs of illness they are to remain home. We are asking our clients to postpone services if anyone in their homes has had any recent symptoms of a cold, flu or respiratory illness.

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A Family Owned Business, Nova Cleaning offers professional residential and commercial maid and house cleaning services, window cleaning services, and move in/out cleaning services to Individual Owners, Apartment Managers, Home Renters, and Property Management Companies.

We believe it is our meticulous attention to detail combined with our uncompromising focus on quality that separates us from our competition. You will find our professional cleaners courteous and prompt. At the conclusion of each engagement, our professional cleaners inspect the final result according to a thorough checklist.

No matter which service you are looking for, you will have dedicated and forward-thinking professionals working to meet your needs.

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Did you know that getting your home professionally cleaned is not just a matter of cleanliness but also maintenance as well? Keeping your home cleaned on a regular basis helps to maintain the condition and value of your home. Keeping surfaces from building up dirt allows the construction materials and paint to last longer, which in return helps the home keep its value.

Review our services below to get on track with a regular maintenance cleaning schedule.

Standard Cleaning

This cleaning is designed to maintain the cleanliness of your home. We recommend this type of cleaning if you just need a basic cleaning or if you want to maintain your home after having a Deep Cleaning. If your home has not had a heavy/detail clean within the last 6 months, you may want to consider our Deep Cleaning to get your home in shape before having a Standard Cleaning.


Clean all accessible surfaces

Clean outside all appliances

Clean and disinfect sink

Inside of microwave

Vacuum or sweep rugs as needed

Sweep and mop floors

Empty Trash and recycling

Wash dishes (excluding pots and pans)


Cleaning ceiling fans

Clean mirrors and glass fixtures

Vacuum carpet/rugs

Sweep and mop floor

Dust all furniture

Remove cobwebs


Dust all furniture

Clean ceiling fans

Sweep and mop floors

Vacuum carpet/rugs

Make Beds

Dust all reachable corners

Wipe down all glass fixtures and mirrors


Clean mirrors and glass fixtures

Dust all accessible surfaces

Wash and sanitize shower, tub and sink

Sweep and mop floors

Clean in/outside of Toilet

Empty trash


Cleaning inside of appliances

Inside of cabinets

Window cleaning

Deep Cleaning

This cleaning is recommended as a pre-cursor to getting on a regular maintenance schedule or simply to get your home in shape so that you can maintain it yourself. If you do not use a cleaning service on a regular basis and prefer to maintain your own home, we suggest that you have a professional deep cleaning completed at least once every six months to ensure that the cleanliness of your home is maintained at a high level.


Wipe down inside stove hood

Clean outside oven and refrigerator

Baseboards and window sills

Wipe down blinds/shutters

All kitchen furniture is hand wiped


Door frames and handles are cleaned


Window sills and ledges


Scrub shower and bathtub

Wipe down door frame and handle

Wipe down baseboards and window sills

Dust and clean light fixtures


Wipe down door frames and handles

Dust and polish furniture surfaces

Wipe down window sills, ledges and blinds/shutters

Carpet edges are vacuumed

Vacuum accessible area under furniture


Cleaning inside of appliances

Cleaning inside of cabinets

Window cleaning

Move In/Out Cleaning

This cleaning is designed to prepare a home for the next tenant or simply to meet landlord cleaning requirements as it relates to getting back your deposit. This cleaning is also referred to as a turn-over cleaning and is a complete unit cleaning.


Wipe down inside/outside of cabinets

Clean inside/outside all appliances

Wipe down behind stove

Clean counter tops

Clean and polish sink/faucet

Wipe light fixtures/switches

Clean baseboards and floors


Clean window sills throughout home/apartment

Wipe down all blinds

Clean and vacuum all closets

Clean all light fixtures/switches

Wipe down all baseboards and floors

Vacuum carpets

Dust everything


Cleaning inside of appliances

Cleaning inside of cabinets

Window cleaning

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